Letitia Erasito

Bachelor in Physiotherapy; Diploma in Physiotherapy; MFPA

Pasefika Physiotherapy Pte Limited; Independent Practitioner at Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd


Letitia Erasito is an experienced Physiotherapist and has been working as a general physiotherapist since 2009. She completed her internship and volunteered at the public hospital before moving into private practice in 2011.

She has previously also volunteered at numerous sporting events and institutions, has been a team Physiotherapist for national teams in various sports and has served on the Executive Committee of the Fiji Physiotherapy Association for 3 years. She currently is a Co-director at her own clinic and also practices as an independent practitioner at Oceania Hospitals, providing physiotherapy services to inpatients.

E-mail – letitiaerasito@gmail.com; pasefikapt@gmail.com;
Website: https://pasefika-physiotherapy-pte-limited.business.site;