Dr Maria

Bachelor of Science Major in Biology, Doctor of Medicine Residency Training in Ophthalmology (Philippines). Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (FNU) Post graduate Diploma in Education Tertiary Teaching (USP)

Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd

Specialist: Ophthalmologist

Dr Maria is an Eye doctor who had her residency training in Ophthalmology in the Philippines. She worked for two years in Angono General Hospital as an Eye doctor before joining CWM Hospital Eye Department in 2001 to 2009 as an Eye Registrar.

She was also acting senior medical officer and acting principal officer in Eye department in 2007.

She is currently a Lecturer in Fiji National University College of Medical Science, Nursing and Health Science and is currently with Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd and Eyesite Optometrist in Fiji.

Her duties in Oceania Hospitals include both Inpatient and Outpatient Ophthalmology Cases.

E-mail: maevillaruel@yahoo.com
Mobile: +679 9949214