Dr Amrish Krishnan


Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd
Specialist Nephrologist

Dr. Amrish is currently the only registered Nephrologist in Fiji. He completed his under graduation and post-graduation training (Internal Medicine) in Fiji, and then moved to New Zealand, where he trained for another two years under the mentorship of UK trained Nephrologist, Dr. Allister Williams.

In 2015, Dr. Amrish returned to Fiji and helped set up the Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit’s Dialysis service for Acute Kidney Injury and prepared the designs and plans for the National Kidney Research and Treatment Centre, due to open this year 2020. His passion for assisting underprivileged patients led him to resign from public practice, to set up his own community oriented practice called The Kidney Hub.

The Kidney Hub provides dialysis to children and young adults either free or at a nominal fee. His professional interests include improving access to treatment of acute and chronic renal failure in Fiji and the Pacific, Interventional Nephrology and Kidney Health Advocacy.

Dr. Amrish is currently also as board member of the International Society of Nephrology’s Oceania and South East Asia region, and represents the interest of the Pacific. He has also been an executive council member of the Fiji Medicine Association for most of his career.

Dr. Amrish works at the Oceania Hospitals Pte Ltd as an Independent Consultant. He has treated patients with kidney disease from a number of Pacific Island countries, who do not have access to dialysis. Some of his services include:

  • Evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Treatment of Acute Kidney Failure
  • Kidney Biopsies
  • Hemodialysis Catheter insertions
  • Nephrologist’s opinion for Visa/Immigration purpose

Specialist Nephrologist THE KIDNEY HUB
Contact: 9366162 for Suva or 7859306 for Nadi