Cathy Wong

Suva Physio Centre was founded by a humanitarian scientist, Cathy Wong. Established in 1996, to now the leading private physiotherapy service provider serving Fiji and the South Pacific.

Guided by its set of values that governs its everyday practice, professional relationship and responsibility of being a professional, the Centre has ingrained its core values of social responsibility by ensuring that all staff give back to the community in doing volunteer work.

Evidence based practice ensures that we deliver professional care in all that we do.

Striving for excellence at all times means that we are continuously working to deliver the best practice to serve the people.

Suva Physio Centre is renowned and stands by its reputation of providing customer focused quality and competent rehabilitation service. We believe in respect for human dignity. We provide service in private clinics, hospitals and in the community.

The motto of "MOVE WELL TO STAY WELL" is what all staff and clients aspire for.

"One Stop for Allied Health Rehabilitation Service"


Assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders (joint aches & sprains, muscle strain, back pain, headache, repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, knee & hip replacement, sports injuries)

Post-operative rehabilitation for joint surgeries, abdominal surgeries, cardiac surgeries, spinal surgeries

Assessment and treatment of neurological conditions (stroke, spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, head injuries, congenital abnormalities, motor neuron diseases) Assessment and treatment of cardiorespiratory conditions (asthma, pneumonia, chest infection, bronchiectasis, COPD, COAD)

Paediatric Physiotherapy for Orthopaedic, Neurological and Respiratory conditions

Education to clients and families on:

  1. Care for home bound clients
  2. Physical activity plans for dependent clients
  3. Care for the disabled at home
  4. Geriatrics care at home

Educational lectures/workshops/seminars on physiotherapy and health related issues:

  1. Sports Medicine nationally and regionally
  2. Physical activity programmes for educational institutes, corporate organisations
  3. To home care providers

Ante-natal and post-natal services, Women’s Health

Individualised exercise prescription, customised rehabilitation programmes

Work station assessment / Ergonomics assessment

House calls and assessments

Sports medicine/physiotherapy services to local and international sporting events

Hydrotherapy services

Rehabilitation and exercise products: for sale and for hire

Visiting Specialist:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Psychological Therapy

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